Does Golden Corral offer catering services?

Golden Corral's menu items and prices vary by location and may change regularly.

Golden Corral is a popular American buffet-style restaurant chain that offers a wide range of delicious dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. With over 490 locations across the United States, Golden Corral has become a household name for those who love a hearty meal in a welcoming environment. In this article, we will explore Golden Corral’s catering services, discuss their reputation, and highlight their popularity.

Below are the most recent and up-to-date prices for the Golden Corral catering menu.



Bourbon Street Chicken (This Golden Corral favorite is marinated for 12 hours in a sweet & savory sauce and served on a bed of whole rice. Serves 10 people)$40.29
Pot Roast (2 roasts – Our pot roast is slow-cooked overnight for awesome tenderness. Served on a bed of potatoes, carrots, onions, celery, and gravy. Serves 10 people)$44.29
Meatloaf (Grandma’s recipe made daily with a delectable mix of ground beef and pork. Serves 6 people)$27.37
Carved Ham (Sliced slow-cooked hickory-smoked cured ham. Priced by the pound)$7.99
Smoked Pulled Pork (Pork shoulder seasoned and slow-smoked on-site with hickory wood for tender pull-apart goodness)$11.99
Pepperoni Pizza (Our classic 12-inch cheese pizza topped with a generous helping of pepperoni)$7.99
Cheese Pizza (Hot and delicious 12-inch cheese pizza made with our special tomato sauce and a generous topping of classic Italian mozzarella cheese)$6.99
Baked Potato (Baked Potato topped with sour cream, cheese and margarine)$2.09
Black-Eyed Peas (Serves 15 people)$20.69
Buttered Corn (Serves 15 people)$18.99
Green Beans (Serves 15 people)$18.99
Macaroni & Cheese (Serves 15 people)$28.79
Mashed Potatoes (Serves 15 people)$28.79
Gravy (Choice of beef-based brown gravy or fresh poultry seasoned gravy. Served in a 24 oz. bowl)$5.99
Potato Salad (Creamy with bite-size potatoes and just the right spice combination)$16.99
Red Bliss Potatoes (Serves 15 people)$18.99
Seafood Salad (Serves 15 people)$29.99
Seasoned Pinto Beans (Serves 15 people)$20.69
Steamed Broccoli (Serves 15 people)$18.99
Steamed Carrots (Serves 15 people)$18.99
Sweet Potato Casserole (Serves 15 people)$31.99
Tuna Salad (Serves 15 people)$29.99
Yeast Rolls Half Dozen$3.50
Yeast Rolls Dozen$6.99

Catering Services at Golden Corral

Golden Corral offers catering services for events and gatherings of all sizes. Customers can order a variety of dishes, including entrees, sides, salads, and desserts, and have them delivered to their location.

Golden Corral’s catering services are perfect for events like family gatherings, corporate meetings, weddings, and birthday parties. Their catering menu includes a variety of options to suit all dietary needs and preferences, including vegetarian, gluten-free, and low-fat options.

Golden Corral’s catering services are also affordable, making them a great option for those on a budget. Customers can choose from different packages based on their needs and budget.

Reputation of Golden Corral

Golden Corral has a strong reputation for quality food and customer service. Their commitment to using fresh ingredients and following strict food safety protocols has earned them a loyal customer base. Additionally, their dedication to providing a wide range of options for customers with dietary restrictions has made them a popular choice for those with specific needs.

Golden Corral is also known for its community involvement. They partner with local organizations to support charitable causes and have donated over $14 million to various organizations over the years.

Popularity of Golden Corral

Golden Corral’s popularity has grown steadily over the years. Their all-you-can-eat buffets, diverse menu options, and welcoming environment have made them a popular choice for families and groups. Additionally, their catering services make them an attractive option for events and gatherings.

Golden Corral’s catering services have been particularly popular due to their affordable prices and diverse menu options. Customers appreciate the flexibility and convenience of being able to order a variety of dishes that can accommodate different dietary needs and preferences.

In conclusion, Golden Corral’s catering services offer a variety of dishes for events and gatherings of all sizes. Their reputation for quality food and community involvement has earned them a loyal customer base. Their popularity has grown steadily over the years, and their catering services make them an attractive option for those on a budget or looking for a convenient and flexible catering option. If you’re planning an event, consider Golden Corral’s catering services for a delicious and hassle-free experience.

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